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Voting in the 2018 Election

Voting isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility of citizenship. Every time we have an election, it’s our opportunity to influence the direction of our local, state, and federal government. The right to vote must be protected, but it must also be exercised.

  1. Make sure you’re registered to vote.
  2. Learn about the candidates.
  3. VOTE!

1. Registering to Vote

There are two ways to register to vote (or update your voter registration) in North Carolina:

  1. One-Stop Early Voting: You can register and vote on the same day! Come to One-Stop Early Voting with any of the following:
    • North Carolina driver license
    • Other photo identification issued by a government agency. Any government-issued photo ID is acceptable, so long as the card bears the voter’s current name and current address.
    • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document showing the voter’s name and address
    • A current college/university photo identification card paired with proof of campus habitation

    For more information about one-stop early voting, see the NCSBE website.

  2. Traditional Registration: Fill out this form and return it to your county Board of Elections.

To check your voter registration and make sure it’s up to date, use the voter registration lookup form on the NCSBE website.

2. Learn About the Candidates

Click here to learn more about the Democratic candidates on your ballot.

3. Vote!

There are three main ways for folks in Craven County to vote in the 2018 general election: Absentee-by-mail voting, one-stop early voting, or voting on Election Day.

Absentee By-Mail Voting

Absentee-by-mail voting is fairly self-explanatory. A voter fills out a request form for an absentee ballot, then mails it to their county board of elections. The BOE will process the form and mail the voter a ballot, which the voter should complete, have witnessed, and return by mail.

Any registered North Carolina voter may request an absentee ballot by mail. No excuse is needed to vote by absentee. To request an absentee ballot, complete and submit the North Carolina Absentee Ballot Request Form.

For more information about Absentee-By-Mail voting, check the NCSBE website.

One-Stop Early Voting

Don’t want to worry about long lines on Election Day? Stop by One-Stop Early Voting and get your vote in. We’re encouraging as many people as possible to vote early and bring as many friends, family members, and neighbors with them as possible!

Skip the line and vote early at any of four convenient locations throughout Craven County!

If you need to register to vote or update your registration, you can do it at One-Stop Early Voting! If you’re registering or updating your registration at One-Stop Early Voting, make sure you bring a photo ID and proof of residence (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.) with you.

One-Stop Early Voting is open every weekday from October 17-November 2 from 7:00AM-7:00PM, and on Saturday, November 3 from 8:00AM-1:00PM, at all four locations! If you’re voting in Craven County, you can cast your ballot at any of Craven County’s early voting locations.

New Bern: Craven County Board of Elections
406 Craven St., New Bern

Cove City: Cove City Fire Department
425 S. Main St., Cove City

Vanceboro: Vanceboro Fire Department
375 NC Highway 43, Vanceboro

Havelock: New Beginnings Ministry of Faith
30 Park Lane, Havelock

Voting on Election Day

Some people just love the Election Day experience. We get that. There’s nothing quite like going into that booth on a Tuesday and being given that fancy “I Voted” sticker when you leave.

Election Day for the 2018 general election in North Carolina is Tuesday, November 6.

To find your polling place, use the voter registration lookup form on the NCSBE website.