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Meet the Candidates: NC Senate District 2

As the 2018 Democratic primary approaches, we’d like to help you get to know the candidates… so over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing “Meet the Candidates” for all of the Democratic primary candidates in Craven County.

Today’s installment is NC Senate District 2, which encompasses all of Craven County, as well as Pamlico and Carteret Counties. NC Senate District 2 is currently represented by Republican Norm Sanderson. Sanderson is the kind of legislator who has made the NC General Assembly a nationwide laughingstock: opposing common-sense gun safety reforms, trying to impeach Roy Cooper (when he was Attorney General) for his support of marriage equality, and trying to bring GOP gerrymanders to our judicial districts.

This year, we’ve got two great Democratic candidates working to get the nomination to win this newly-created seat: Ginger Garner and Dorothea White. One-Stop Early Voting for the 2018 primary starts April 19, with Election Day on May 8. Cast your vote early, and bring a family member, friend, or neighbor with you so they can vote too!

Reminder: The Craven County Democratic Party doesn’t endorse candidates in competitive Democratic primaries. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Candidate bios and photos were provided to the Craven County Democratic Party by the campaigns.

Ginger Garner

As a native North Carolinian and 20-year resident of Carteret County, Ginger Garner is ready to serve District 2 in the North Carolina Senate and initiate common sense conversations based on moderate core values and bipartisan action and partnership. North Carolinians deserve a fiscally responsible government committed to balancing a budget, supporting sustainable job creation, protecting our coast and fishing industry, and investing in education, new technology, and infrastructure to ensure a prosperous future for coastal North Carolinians in Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico counties.

As your Senator, Garner will take up these issues – ones that require bold action and a courageous advocate. Now more than ever, the challenges we face demand leaders who listen to YOU – the citizens who hire them – and fight for the dreams we all share for our community, our businesses, and our families in Coastal North Carolina.

Our current delegation in Raleigh has failed to lead on these issues, most of the time failing even to meet them with our community’s core values or ideas that reflect our community’s wishes and instead walking in partisan lock-step to pursue an agenda that values power over substance.

Garner leads not by dominating a conversation, but by example. Her story speaks for itself: for 20 years she has served our coastal community as a physical therapist, as an aid and Christian mission worker, as a volunteer, as a CEO and small business owner, and as a wife and mother of three.

Garner knows what it takes to successfully start and manage a corporation as well as run a household. Both are challenging, necessary and immeasurably valuable. She respects the mother or father who stays home to care for family as much as she admires the hard work of mothers and fathers who support their families financially. Furthermore, she will support the choices of parents in their children’s education and their right to be the creators of their own destinies.

As a licensed physical therapist she took an oath to do her best, and to do what is best for her patients. As your next Senator, she pledges the same oath to you.

You have her assurance that she will hear and address the important issues. Her door is always open and will remain so to hear your ideas and concerns if you elect her to serve District 2 in the North Carolina Senate.

Background: Ginger is a physical therapist holding a doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition to being a sought after speaker, highly respected educator, and published author, Ginger has logged more than 25 years on the front lines treating patients, spending the bulk of that time working on ways to change how we deliver and practice healthcare. She has grounded her career on respect for human life, human rights and dignity, democratic values, and the sincerely held belief that we are stronger when we work together.

Born to teenage parents in small town North Carolina, Ginger grew up in a hardworking Republican family. Her parents, through hard work and personal responsibility, worked their way out of poverty to provide the best for their three children and position them well to pursue bright and promising futures. From that solid footing, Ginger eventually would go on to become only the second member of her family to receive a bachelor’s degree and the first to earn masters and doctoral degrees.

Ginger is an active member of Swansboro United Methodist Church and is committed to Christian values and ecumenical cooperation and collaboration. Her experience working in the mission field and serving as a volunteer aid worker drives her dedication to supporting her fellow citizens who seek better lives for themselves and their families, especially their children.

Ginger received her Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Physical Therapy degrees from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her undergraduate degree at The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Professional Yoga Therapy Institute® and a longtime advocate for maternal and military service member health as a clinician and educator.

Ginger lives with her husband, a 30-year civil servant at Cherry Point, their three young sons, and their rescue pup, a Labrador Retriever named Scout, in Carteret County, NC.

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Dorothea White

Craven County Resident living in New Bern; Married to Former Alderman Bernard White; 4 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Strong Military Family background serving WW1, WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam, Honduras/Central America, Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan

Experience: 31+ years employee CarolinaEast Health Systems, IT Specialist; Craven Democratic Party chair, Precinct Secretary and Vice Chair, Election Chief Judge, New Bern Historic Preservation Commission, New Bern Planning and Zoning, and New Bern Bd. of Adjustments , Secretary and Treasurer for various Community organizations including Craven Pop Warner Assoc., Craven County Voters’ League, NAACP and MLK Committee; Craven County DSS- Bd. Chair/Member; Regional Director, NCACBSS, Charter Member of NC African American Preservation Commission ’NETWORK’; NC PHA/OES (Sect (14yrs) AM; 30+ years Christian Education Dept., St. John M. B. Church and Church Historian; ETC.

Education: Attended J.T. Barber High School and Graduate of New Bern High School (ranking-77 of 577); Craven Community College, AAS Business Computer Programming; NC Wesleyan College, BS, Business Administration, Various certifications including IBM Computer Operations.

Statement of Candidacy: Current Legislative representatives have made profound negative impacts on our 4E’s, our transportation, recreation, pollution, health and gun control issues that are increasingly burdening us. Communities are under attack with less support from our government. White seeks to reinvigorate those that have given up with diminished resources. There should be a hands off approach on our judges- they should be elected not hand-picked by a chosen few! If you believe that it is time for ‘spring cleaning’, then join Dorothea White and help her affect the vital changes our district needs. Elect Dorothea White, who desires to change the make up of the GA that represents a Progressive electorate; a Democracy of the people and for the people of NC. Let’s shore up the support our governor needs to change the tide of stagnation. Elect Dorothea White to be your Voice for Change the Smart Choice for NC District 2.

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