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Congratulations on a great 2018 General Election!

Congratulations to all of our candidates on a well-run race. We’re so proud of all of our candidates and campaigns, win or lose… they all campaigned the right way, competed for every single vote, and brought a positive Democratic message to Craven County.

Congratulations to Jason Jones, Johnnie Sampson Jr., and Theron McCabe for winning reelection to the Craven County Board of Commissioners!

Congratulations to Terri Sharp for winning reelection as our Craven County Clerk of Superior Court!

Congratulations to Anita Earls for winning a seat on the NC Supreme Court, and to Toby Hampson, Allegra Collins, and John Arrowood on the Court of Appeals, all of whom are leading at the moment even though their races haven’t yet been called.

Congratulations to everyone who worked to knock down the NC Republicans’ egregious power-grab amendments that would have given them the power to pack our courts and rig our elections!

Congratulations to Frances Boomer, Bea Smith, and Naomi Clark for winning (re)election to the Craven County Board of Education!

And a huge, huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and volunteered during this election! Let’s keep fighting to make a difference here in Craven County in 2019 and 2020!