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Congratulations to Allen Thomas!

Congratulations to Allen Thomas, former mayor of Greenville, on his victory in the NC-03 special congressional primary on Tuesday night!

Mayor Thomas took just over 50% of the overall vote, exceeding the threshold to avoid a primary runoff election. He’ll go on to face the winner of the Republican primary runoff (which will be held in July) in the general election on September 10. As we receive details about early and absentee voting in the September general election, we’ll keep updating our one-stop information page about the NC-03 special election.

We’re committed to giving it our all to get out the vote for Mayor Thomas in September so that he can continue the tradition set by departed Rep. Walter Jones, Jr. as an independent voice reflecting eastern North Carolina values and serving all of us in Washington, DC.

We encourage you to follow Allen Thomas on Facebook and Twitter, and to contribute to his campaign as you’re able! Help us spread the news about our great Democratic candidate to your friends, family, and neighbors… we can win this if we all pull together and get out the vote!

We’re very proud of all six Democratic candidates who ran in the NC-03 special congressional primary, and of the issues- and values-based campaigns they ran. Our Democratic primary was filled with practical ideas on how to make life better in Eastern North Carolina and how our candidates could most effectively represent us in Washington — unlike the other party’s primary, which was a contest to see which of them could be the least independent and most subservient to their party’s president. We thank all six candidates who threw their hat into the ring in the primary for stepping up and being willing to serve.