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THANK YOU SO MUCH Democrats in Craven County!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Democrats in Craven County!

We persisted and got the votes out and demonstrated that Democrats are active in the County. So many people showed up to get their vote counted because of all the work you did. Covid fear definitely made an impact for everyone in the county this year but overall the turnout in Craven County was excellent. Precinct Chairs, our volunteers and Voters were strong and so appreciated!! It was inspiring and created new bonds.

Also, thank you to the Biden Campaign Reps Kat Caleca and Quentin Watts for their assistance.

We should feel more confident today because of the huge numbers of Absentee Votes that were delivered not only in Craven County but around North Carolina.

While we wait for the national votes to finalize, we have a clean up to take care of. Please remove all signs you posted. Return the evergreen signs to Headquarters no later than Friday.Well, Election Day has come and gone, and we still don’t know what is going to happen. I know there were some who were expecting a clear resolution last night but, hey, it’s 2020, the year in which nothing has gone as expected. At least there’s still a fighting chance, even here in North Carolina, thanks in part to your energy and support.

If you would like any leftover campaign material as a souvenir please let us know before Friday. The office is open Thursday-Friday from 10 AM until Noon this week to collect leftover materials.

Thank you for your hard work for this election, it is truly appreciated. I hope that you will continue to be engaged with the Craven County Democratic Party.

Go Biden/Harris!!

CCDP Board of Officers
Linda Moore
Charles Dudley
Helen Robinson
Nicole Kirch
Richard Friend
Diane Tyndall