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Message from the Chair regarding Impeachment

Fellow Craven County Democrats

If you want to make your voice heard regarding the 2nd Impeachment of Donald J Trump now is the time to take action.  Contact Senators Burr and Tillis and provide your opinion, they need to hear from you.
Senator Burr  (202) 224-3154 or Contact  www.burr.senate.gov/contact/email
Senator Tillis (202) 224-6342 or Contact: www.tillis.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-me
It seems obvious that our NC Senators need help determining what we, their constituents, want. It is up us, the people, to ensure they act on our behalf.
If you live in more than one place, contact both states Senators.   For your convenience, below you will find a link for all Senators and State Representatives. It provide multiple ways to reach them.
Please feel free to pass this link to anyone you think that would be interested.
Linda Moore, CCDP Chair