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2021 Precinct Organizing Meetings

The heart of the Democratic Party is the precinct organization. These are neighborhood Democratic groups, devoted to making our neighborhoods better by raising up great Democratic candidates and getting out the vote in our neighborhoods. Your voting precinct — your Election Day polling place — is also your Democratic Party precinct.

During the period from March 6 – 20th, our precincts will be officially organizing — having important discussions about how to more effectively mobilize Democrats and Democratic-leaning unaffiliated voters in the precinct, electing precinct officers and delegates to the county convention, and collecting for the NCDP Sustaining Fund. This is your opportunity to get involved with the Democratic Party!

Find your precinct on the list below, and mark your calendar for your precinct meeting! (If you don’t know which precinct you’re in, use our convenient Precinct Finder tool to find out!)

Precinct N1: George Street
March 16, 2021 6:30PM via Zoom

Precinct N2: Fort Totten
March 14, 2021 3PM via Zoom

Precinct N3N5: Grover C. Fields – Glenburnie Park
March 18, 2021 6PM via Zoom

Precinct N6: West New Bern
March 17, 2021 6PM CCDP Headquarters, New Bern

Precinct 2: Havelock
March 15, 2021 6:30PM via Zoom

Precinct 3: Trent Woods
March 15, 2021 7PM via Zoom

Precinct 5: River Bend
March 13, 2021 2PM via Zoom

Precinct 7: Jasper
March 9, 2021 6:30PM via Zoom

Precinct VE14: Vanceboro-Epworth
March 6, 2021 10AM St Peter FWB Church, Vanceboro

Precinct 19: Harlowe
March 4, 2021 7PM via Zoom

Precinct 20: Fairfield Harbour
March 13, 2021 9AM via Zoom

Precinct 23: Grantham 2B
March 6, 2021 11AM via Zoom