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Democrats across Craven County are organizing to fight for the American Dream. Sign up today to connect with us and find out how you can get involved.

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Learn about how it all fits together, from the precinct level to the Democratic National Committee.


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Democrats are standing up for the American Dream: an economy and government that works for everyone, not just the few.

Latest News
October 18, 2020

Craven County Centennial Suffrage Celebration

Outside the Craven County Administration Building on Saturday October 17th at 2PM, women from Craven and Pamlico Counties gathered to celebrate the Centennial of Women's Suffrage in North Carolina.
October 13, 2020

One-Stop Early Voting

Don’t want to worry about long lines on Election Day? Stop by One-Stop Early Voting and get your vote in. We’re encouraging as many people as possible to vote early and bring as many friends, family members, and neighbors with them as possible! Skip the line and vote early at any of five convenient locations throughout Craven County!
October 2, 2020

Chair’s Message on Recent Events

The Democratic Party of Craven County, North Carolina extends its thoughts and prayers for the health of the President and First Lady with their diagnosis of COVID 19. For the good of the nation as we navigate these difficult times, we encourage all Americans to unite in the fight against the pandemic which threatens all of us.
September 30, 2020

Message From The Chair On Absentee Ballots

It appears to me that the BOE Board Members and Staff are making a good faith effort to assist absentee voters and correct minor errors when possible, and I feel confident that they will continue their efforts to make sure that we have a fair and accurate election in Craven County.