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Health Care for All

Every American should have access to affordable health care.

Americans believe in taking care of one another, in raising healthy and strong children, in fulfilling our promises to the elderly, in protecting the most vulnerable.

The Affordable Care Act, while not perfect, was a good start. It put affordable health care within the reach of millions of Americans, protected preexisting conditions and ensured that everyone with insurance would have access to basic benefits like preventative care, mental health care, and prescription drugs.

But some people want to take us backwards. Back to the time when your insurance company could reject you for having a preexisting condition, or cap your benefits when you got sick and needed them most. Back to the time when millions of Americans couldn’t afford the health care they needed, or could only afford junk insurance that didn’t cover even the most basic health care needs. Back even further, to the time before Medicare and Medicaid, when the elderly worried whether they would lose their lives because they couldn’t afford health care.

That’s the wrong way for America. That’s the wrong way for Craven County.

As Democrats, we believe that we need to strengthen and build on the progress we’ve made with Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act, by making health care even more affordable and accessible for every American. We need to increase subsidies for low-income people, let Americans opt into Medicare at the age of 55, and expand Medicaid in North Carolina.