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Lessons from Election Day 2017

Election Day 2017 was a very encouraging day for all of us who believe in the American Dream.

Here in Craven County, according to preliminary results, registered Democrats won election to the Havelock Board of Commissioners, and to the mayoral seat and town council in Bridgeton. Congratulations to all of our officeholders!

But the bigger national news came out of Virginia. Not only did Democratic nominee Ralph Northam win the gubernatorial election by a wider-than-expected margin over Republican Ed Gillespie — a sign that Americans are forcefully rejecting Trumpism — but perhaps just as importantly, Democrats had a huge downballot showing.

After all of the absentee and preliminary ballots have been counted and any recounts have been performed, Democrats may end up taking a majority in the GOP-gerrymandered Virginia House of Delegates. The Democrats winning delegate seats from Republicans in Virginia didn’t just win in urban and suburban districts — they also won in rural districts that look a lot like Craven County.

The lesson here is that Democrats need to contest every seat. Even if you don’t fit the traditional mold of the “typical” candidate, your community needs you to step up and lead. All that’s required is dedication to our community, a willingness to serve, and the drive to work hard for every vote. If you’re a Democrat who believes in the American Dream, we’ve got your back.

If you’re considering a run for office next year on the Democratic ticket, or if you know of someone who you think would be a great candidate, contact us! We’ll connect you with the resources you need to make your run a success.