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Hurricane Florence

As we begin to emerge and recover from Hurricane Florence, we know that we have a long road ahead. Many people lost their homes and everything they had; some people lost their lives. We in the Craven County Democratic Party are devastated for our community. We grieve with those who are grieving, and we stand ready to offer support to all who need it.

To the first responders, National Guard personnel, relief organizations, and other individuals and groups who have come to Craven County to help rescue or rebuild: From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. In dark times, we look in hope to those who help. Our country is strong because of people like you, willing to risk and sacrifice for the sake of others. Thank you for your service, your dedication, and your willingness to help.

To the news organizations and journalists: Thank you for telling our story to the world. You came to our community, often putting yourselves in harm’s way, to bring the world images of our community’s plight and call for relief. We recognize your excellent work and thank you for it.

To the people of Craven County: Let us remember that we are strong. We are resilient. We’ve been knocked down before, and we’ve picked ourselves up again – and we’ll do it this time too. We are honored to stand alongside you as neighbors and friends. We are #CravenCountyStrong and we’ll stand together as a community to rebuild, regroup, and regrow.

To donate to Hurricane Florence relief efforts:
United Way
Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC