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Help Wanted: County Officers

At our county convention in March, we’ll be electing a new board of county party officers to lead our party through the 2020 election season!

We’re looking for dedicated, hard-working, flexible people who are willing to step up and take a leadership role. We’ll provide training and documentation for all county party positions, but the only way our county party works is if people stand up and volunteer.

In March, we’ll elect county party officers to the following positions, as laid out in the NC Democratic Party’s Plan of Organization:

  • Chair: The county party’s leader, who is responsible for setting out a vision for the county party and making it happen.
  • 1st Vice Chair: The Chair’s right-hand person, also responsible for precinct organization.
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Responsible for training and education.
  • 3rd Vice Chair: The communications director for the county party.
  • Secretary: The county party’s record-keeper and administrator.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for keeping us on a secure financial footing and filing financial reports with the state Board of Elections.

Additionally, at the county convention in March, we’ll be asking the county party to approve two new county party roles, to take responsibility for things that aren’t covered in the Plan of Organization:

  • VoteBuilder Administrator: Our chief data officer, responsible for VoteBuilder training and administration, especially during GOTV season.
  • Digital Infrastructure Administrator: Responsible for keeping our digital publicity and organizing tools in good, working order.

Do you think you have what it takes, or do you know the perfect person for one of these positions?

Read detailed descriptions of the positions available, and fill out our easy-to-use nomination forms to nominate yourself or someone you know for a county officer position. (If you nominate someone else, we’ll get in touch with them to make sure they accept the nomination.)

We’ll also be accepting nominations for county party positions from the floor at the convention.