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Sept. 19, 2019


Dear fellow voters,


I know you were shocked as I was Sept. 11 when the N.C. House of Representatives held a surprise vote to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget veto. Democratic members and the media were told there would be no votes taken; in fact, Republican Speaker Tim Moore convened the session and brought forth the vote on the veto, which passed with a 55 – 9 majority (with only 64 of 120 members present). Rep. Deb Butler stood her ground as one of a handful of Democrats, describing the event as deceiving all of North Carolina, and saying, “I will not yield” as Republican leaders turned off her microphone and called police.


We will not yield, either. Recent elections have left us battered but still strong. We must gain a majority in the N.C. General Assembly to combat the contempt for our state’s residents shown by the Republican majority, not only in this act, but also in denying our working poor Medicaid and allowing our schools to fall to the bottom of the nation. We need to fill seats in Congress to combat the steady push toward disenfranchising our citizens and ravaging our environment.. We need to ensure that no seat goes uncontested in 2020.


To do so will require resources. We appreciate those of you who have given your time, talents, and money to the party, but we must continue to ask. Help us as we work to make our county, our state, and our country a place of opportunity and prosperity for ALL. Please send us a contribution in the enclosed envelope or go to our web page:


We will not yield.




Linda Moore

Chair, Craven County Democratic Party