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Fairfield Harbour Precinct Meeting

August 13, 2022 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Fairfield Harbour Community Center
Fairfield Harbour Precinct Meeting @ Fairfield Harbour Community Center

Our next meeting will be on Saturday August 13 at 9:30AM in the Community Center (Not the 14th as listed in the POA Friday Update)  Please bring a mask with you.   Also, bring you preferred breakfast beverage.  We will provide a light bunch.
1. The NC Board of Elections rejected the GOP request to have a signature comparison on every mail-in ballot.  Thanks to all of you who emailed your objections!
2. The Inflation Reduction Act (a sweeping climate and health care bill) has made its way through the Senate, thanks to VP Harris’s tie breaking vote.  Every GOP senator voted against this bill.   Vote for Cheri Beasley!
3. The PACT Act (granting VA treatment to vets suffering from health issues from burn pits etc.) finally passed.  Both Senator Burr and Tillis voted against the bill initially.   During the second vote, Burr voted for and Tillis STILL VOTED AGAINST the bill.  Make sure your family and friends know this.  Let them know how very important it is to vote for Cheri Beasley in November – we need her in the Senate to countermand all of Tillis’s bad votes.
4.  Here are links to a two-part story on NPR about how a community fought back against a few residents who attempted to drastically cut the education budget. It shows we can, with determination, fight back and regain control of our government.  You can read the written synopsis, however I suggest listening to the podcasts.
Part 1:  https://nhpr.prod.npr.psdops.com/_preview?_cms.db.previewId=0000017f-e234-dd36-a9ff-fb7459420000&_date=
Part 2:  https://www.nhpr.org/nh-news/2022-05-06/croydon-school-budget-cuts-students-revote