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Officer Meeting

August 2, 2021 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am
CCDP Headquarters
1232 S. Glenburnie Rd
New Bern, NC
Officer Meeting @ CCDP Headquarters

Attending were Linda Moore, Charles Dudley, Helen Robinson, Nicole Kirch, and Kate
Blakefield. Richard Friend , Susan Ryan, and Diane Tyndall offered input by proxy.
Linda Moore: 1. CONGERSSIONAL CANDIDATE: Will follow up with Richard Watkins,
potential candidate for Congress, re: speaking opportunity; 2. JULY 26 GATHERING AT
GLENBURNIE PARK: Has reserved Jaycee Shelter at Glenburnie Park for next Monday, July
26, 630 county gathering. Linda will bring bottled water and either contract with Italian Ice
vendor or bring watermelon. Linda will check with Richard to get change. Helen will bring signs
for display and signs to sell. Linda and Helen will look at available silent auction items and
select a few to sell. Nicole will publicize asap. 3. BILLBOARD: Cheapest one is $900 outside
our budget; discussed big “message” signs on private property but concerned about vandalism
risk. 4. COLLAR SHIRTS FOR OFFICERS/NAME TAGS: too expensive; pursue other options.
Charles Dudley: 1. FLOORING OPTIONS- will go to Lowes today and look for good options for
peel-off tiles and send pics to officers for input; 2. SELL OF YARD SIGNS: wait til after July 26
event to review best sellers and how to replenish supply; 3. WAINWRIGHT DINNER 2022-
CXharles will talk with Flame and find out available Saturday times in Feb. 2022;
Helen Robinson: 1. TEE SHIRTS / WINDOW CLING WITH MESSAGES: Nicole will explore
shirt fabric/colors MESSAGES: Everyone agreed to look for select messages that are non-
candidate, non-partiy specific. Helen will provide list of suggested messages for review at Mon.
gathering for people to offer preferences; 3.. HJ MACDONALD INTEREST MEETING: Possible
dates for 7 p.m meeting are Aug. 10, 11, 17, or 18. Kate will provide Helen with names of
HJMac volunteers; Helen will reach out to these people and work toward setting meeting time.
Linda and Nicole will participate.
Nicole Kirch: 1.VOTEBUILDER- Ginny M is offering training TBA-announce date Mon. night?
Susan Ryan: (absent due to funeral) ORGANIZING HQ- Is setting up file cabinet with perm files
and has cleaned/organized back storeroom; INFO FROM RALEIGH-attended redistricting
PARK? ACTIVITY AT LEGISLATURE: Found reporting resource, need way to simplify bullets;
Linda will check on rural county orgs to mechanism.
Richard Friend: 1. NEW LOCK AND KEYS: Richard will install new lock in 48 hours; 5 keys
were distributed to Linda, Charles, Nicole, Helen, and Kate. Helen is keeping this file. 2)
TRASH PICKUP: We are required to pay montahly feew of $14+ for trash pickup and must use
regulation can for city equipment. Richard will check with donut people about using their
Diane Tyndall: 1. POISON IVY PROJECTD; Need volunteers for Dem Women poison ivy
project in Vanceboro; promote this opportunity at Monday picnic; 2. HEAD COOK-need head
cook for Chilifest- confirm with Richard F;
Kate Blakefield: VOLUNTEERS FOR FESTIVALS: has recruited coordinators for three fall
festivals and is working on enlisting other volunteers; LIBERAL LADIES: will resume monthly
meetings in Sept; ROCK PAINTING: will begin in Aug , possibly at HQ.
Brief minutes by Helen Robinson