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2023 Wainwright Dinner

Plan to join Craven County Democratic Party Friday, April 21, for its annual Wainwright Dinner, where we begin “Building a Brighter Blue Future.”

Precinct Re-organization Meetings

Grassroots volunteers win elections. Strengthen the North Carolina Democratic Party’s ground game by joining your local precinct meeting and work alongside your neighbors to mobilize this community!

Post-Election Action

While Election Day has come and gone, and it is not easy to be a Democrat in Craven County, the last thing we should do is despair.  Together we can make a change.  Turn your emotions into action.

Vote in the Midterm Election!

Some people just love the Election Day experience. We get that. There’s nothing quite like going into that booth on a Tuesday and being given that fancy “I Voted” sticker when you leave.

Early Voting in the Midterm

Don’t want to worry about long lines on Election Day? Stop by One-Stop Early voting and get your vote in. Vote early and bring friends, family, and neighbors!

Midterms FAQ

Have questions about voting? We have answers. Be prepared before you head to the polls.

Headquarters Office Hours

WE ARE OPEN! Wed – Fri – 3-6PM Sat – 10AM-2PM Nov 7 – 5-7PM Due to the surge in COVID cases:  please wear masks and social distance while at Headquarters.

Don’t Forget the Judges

Protect our courts.  Vote Democratic Judges.  Because we believe in justice, not politics. Justice is on the ballot.  Vote.

2022 Midterm Election

Voting isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility of citizenship. Every time we have an election, it’s our opportunity to influence the direction of our local, state, and federal government. The right to vote must be protected, but it must also be exercised.

Action from Anger

In a final push before their recess the Supreme Court has rolled back the rights of far too many people.  Together we can make a change.