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Strong public schools

Every child deserves a great education in a great public school, regardless of their family’s income or zip code.

Americans have always valued education as the pathway to success, not only for the individual but for the nation. Education is necessary for creating strong citizens who are prepared to lead the United States into the future.

Massive investments in public science and math education in the 1950s and 1960s landed Americans on the moon, paved the way for the creation of the internet, and benefitted everyone through continual innovation and invention. Investments in public arts and letters education have strengthened our culture immensely.

Unfortunately, many of our leaders have abandoned this commitment to public education — gutting funding for public schools, cutting teachers’ pay and increase class sizes, and turning our money over to private schools. These attacks on public education hurt low-income and rural Americans most, as places like Craven County struggle to hire teachers and keep class sizes down amid deeper and deeper cuts and more and more standardized tests.

Democrats believe that every single child — regardless of their race, gender, family income, or zip code — deserves a great public education, from pre-K through college. When we invest in high-quality public schools for all children, our county, our state, and our nation will reap the benefits many times over.