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2022 Midterm Election

Voting isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility of citizenship. Every time we have an election, it’s our opportunity to influence the direction of our local, state, and federal government. The right to vote must be protected, but it must also be exercised.

Action from Anger

In a final push before their recess the Supreme Court has rolled back the rights of far too many people.  Together we can make a change.

Volunteering for the Runoff

Canvas with us at our Office!  Office Hours are Weekdays 4-6PM and Saturdays 10AM – 12PM starting July 7th.  We have a job for everyone. Don’t forget to Vote!

City of New Bern Runoff Election

Every Vote Counts.  Runoff elections are proof of how close the margin of victory can be.  Don’t miss this opportunity to elect a candidate that represents you.  Local elections ARE your neighborhood and your community.  Your vote is your voice.

Thank You Wainwright Sponsors!

The Craven County Democratic Party sincerely appreciates the businesses that sponsored the 2022 Wainwright Dinner on April 22, 2022.

Early Voting in 2022

Don’t want to worry about long lines on Election Day? Stop by One-Stop Early voting and get your vote in. We’re encouraging as many people as possible to vote early and bring as many friends, family members, and neighbors with them as possible!

FAQs about Voting

Have questions about voting? We have answers. Be prepared before you head to the polls.

2022 Precinct Organizing Meetings

The heart of the Democratic Party is the precinct organization. These are neighborhood Democratic groups, devoted to making our neighborhoods better by raising up great Democratic candidates and getting out the vote in our neighborhoods. Your voting precinct — your Election Day polling place — is also your Democratic Party precinct.

Office Hours

Craven County Headquarters is OPEN for business! Fridays 1-5PM, and Saturdays 10AM-2PM from Friday March 25 until May 14.

Twilight Women’s March

The name “Twilight March” was chosen to emphasize the metaphoric “sunsetting” of women’s bodily autonomy under the law. The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in December testing a Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks, a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. The New Bern event was one of more than 600 similar gatherings and rallies taking place nationwide October 2.