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Contacting your Legislators

Our government is elected by the people and for the people.  They represent us.  Therefore it is our duty tell them how we feel about issues that are important to us.  If we do not speak up, our voices will not be heard.

Contact your Legislators Directly

Did you know you can send letters, call, and even email your elected officials?

All your officials at one convenient website

To contact several officials at once

NC State Department of Justice

Craven County Board of Commissioners

New Bern Board of Aldermen

Craven County Board of Education


Contact your Local News Media

Tell others your stance on the issues, it takes many voices together to influence those in power.

New Bern Sun Journal Letters to the Editor email sjletters@newbernsj.com

New Bern Now Podsquad Podcast to join us as a guest call 252-259-6853 or send an email to wendycard@nclifemedia.com

What do I say?

Not sure of which issues are currently being discussed?  Check out these links for what is currently at your representative’s desk:
Crafting your message

Keep it simple and short:  “I support ____ ” or “I oppose____.”  Focus on one issue per correspondence.  Then support your stance with a few facts, and let your legislator know which way to vote.  Stay civil, avoid threats, demands or personal attacks.  Appeal to core values such as job security, education, or healthcare.

Social Media

Make sure to follow local media, legislators, and Craven Democrats (and your other favorite progressive organizations) on Social Media.  The more you interact with their pages (like, comment, share) the more other people see those posts which causes that issue to feel more urgent.  When commenting, refuse the urge to engage in a heated discussion.  Instead support others who agree with you, link to evidence and resources from reliable sources, and focus on why your opinion is important to core values.  Highlight positives over negatives and avoid personal attacks.  Don’t be afraid to walk away from the conversation if it starts to go off topic.